Why You Need Access Equipment in Your Construction Business

If you are engaged in the construction business, you understand the role heavy equipment plays in your daily operations. These heavy equipment are essential in lifting heavy loads and in reaching extremely tall heights. Buying these equipment are outright expensive that is why it is more practical to have a travel tower hire in Sydney.

Access equipment like boom trucks are very durable and reliable when you need to lift tremendously heavy loads or people at incredibly elevated vertical heights. These machines have cranes that can extend with a minimum height of 12 meters and a maximum of 53 meters. The maximum reach is at 28 meters. Some of the models of these machines can carry a Safe Working Load at a minimum of 250 kg and a maximum of 400 kg.

It looks like a giant arm and bucket or railed platform that could extend up to the top floor of the building you are constructing. The bucket or platform is used to carry workers to high elevations for installation, repair, and maintenance of mechanical or electrical system components like in a tall building or light post. It’s a feat that cannot be done efficiently with human capabilities alone. With cherry pickers, workers will be able to reach treetops, either to cut off branches or pick fruits like cherries or to fix power lines that might be entangled with the branches.

On the other hand, Scissor lifts are machines that have a platform and a lifting mechanism designed like criss- crossed bars of metal support that looks like scissors. This lifting mechanism is called a pantograph. It works like a spring that lifts the platform upwards to the desired height or elevation needed to deliver workers or materials to a certain floor.

Having these kinds of access equipment makes your construction operations seamless and continuous. Its maintenance and upkeep may be an added cost if you own the unit plus you have to worry about where to store the machines when they are not in use. The solution to these troubles is just to rent the machines from a travel tower hire in Sydney.

You can select from a wide range of models the type of access equipment that can specifically provide the service you need. Each project has specific job requirements and you must have the equivalent equipment to fulfil that service. A travel tower hire in Sydney offers the right kind of equipment and a reasonable rate for long term use.

For a start-up construction business, no doubt that elevated platforms or machines will be needed. Why buy, when you can rent out. Go for http://universalmobiletowerhire.com.au/.

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