Essentials For Your New Sewing Hobby

Sewing supplies are essential if you want to get good in your hobby. Fortunately, brands like Hemline are there to provide you with all the supplies you need. It is also great that there are online shops that will send you your supplies wherever you are.

The problem is trying to choose from all the brands and products out there. For example, Hemline offers everything from simple sewing kits to individual buttons. You’ll want to narrow down your purchase to a specific set of products after your sewing machine. That way, you won’t break the bank on your first purchase. Here is a simple list of essentials to make it easy for you.


Bobbins are what that holds your thread while you’re sewing. Hemline sells a line of them. There are a whole lot of brands out there. Most of the time, you will find cheap bobbins made of plastic. However, metal are the better option. They’re tough, durable, and work well with magnetic bobbin holders to properly organize them. You can also easily reuse them when they’re all out.

Fabric Cutters

You are working with a lot of cloth and thread. You’ll be cutting them into pieces to create clothes from them. Most people settle for using scissors. However, if you are serious about sewing, you will buy a rotary fabric cutter. Seweasy has a perfect product example of this. It cuts through cloth so easily, without any trailing fabric. Other brands have their own and you should find one that fits your need. Fabric scissors are also good, but they are not as flexible as cutters.

Erasable Fabric Markers

When you’re sewing, sometimes, you’ll want to mark where to cut or where to sew. In the past, people would use pencils. They are erasable and clean out after a good washing. The problem is that they tend to be a bit faint on fabric. You can resort to erasable fabric markers. Just apply the marker and wipe them away with water.

Steam Press

Another important piece of sewing supply you will need is a steam press. Pressing and ironing are essential if you want your creations to look good. Seams and hems will not lie flat unless they are properly pressed. Another example is cutting. Cutting without a pressing first will result in messy cuts since you are not cutting a flat surface. Plus, with a Signer Steam Press, you would be able to manipulate the fabric to meet your needs.

With these tools, your sewing journey should begin with a great start.

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