Queensland Internet Speeds Set To Get an Upgrade with New Undersea Cables

In the land down under, internet speeds can vary greatly depending on where a person in staying but for those in the Queensland area, connection might feel a bit dull. That is all set to change soon though as new submarine fibre optic cables that will up the fastest internet speed in the area. With it, Australians can expect to get uninterrupted connection 24/7.


The groundbreaking fibre optic cable will emerge from the sea near Maroochydore and it will strengthen the link of Australia in Asia and it will also serve as the fastest link to the United States. The quality upgrade will make a lot of lives easier in the land down under and those unemployed can expect a handful of new jobs during careers expo in Sydney. This new venture is expected to bring in a ton of work opportunities as well.

State Development Minister Cameron Dick and Sunshine Coast mayor Mark Jamieson announced the project earlier this month. RTI Connectivity and the Sunshine Coast Council will be the pioneers in the project to increase the fastest internet speed in Queensland. No exact date has been set for the completion of the project but the people behind it are expecting a complete launch by 2020.

The undersea cable will be a whopping 550-kilometer equipment will complement the 9600-kilometer long undersea cable that was built by Google, RTI Connectivity and AARNet. It sets new records for the fastest internet speed connections between Sydney and Guam. While connections were good, those in Queensland need better access to the larger Asian and United States market.

The Sunshine Coast council has been pushing for the project for well over four years now because the data traffic being caused by Australia was expanding heavily by 40 percent each year. This obviously led to the weak connection for the citizens of Queensland and this then translated to poor performances by individuals and companies that rely on a stable internet connection. The undersea cables are expected to accommodate the ever-growing data traffic.

At this day and age, a fast internet speed is more crucial than ever and governing bodies should do its best to connect people to others around the world. Queensland’s latest efforts to upgrade its internet connection speed are a testament to the local governing body’s devotion to serving its people. Hopefully, this project will finish sooner than expected so those in the area will gain the much needed competitive edge.

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