Photography and Cinematic Packages Perfect for Couples on Budget

It is undeniable that a wedding ceremony would take a lot of money for both couples to accomplish. There are a lot of things to think through and sometimes, the budget isn’t even coming along. We’re here to help those couples who need a lower budget wedding videography and photography coverage while still maintaining a high-quality experience and outcome.


The lowest price that we can outsource for a budget wedding service would be around $1500 to $1700. Top-rated wedding photographers would surely be in this starting range and that alone makes it a high-quality production.

This package, however, is only meant for one photographer. But assuming that most weddings in Australia aren’t that grandiose, we believe that this package is enough. Affordable wedding photography packages also feature a flexible amount of time that the photographer would be staying at the venue. This particular package alone boasts 6 hours of photographer rental.

Another cool thing that this one has is that clients aren’t pressured when it comes to the number of times they can be taken a picture or a video. Wedding videography and photography are unlimited in this package which makes it so worth it.

Images that are considered to be in a very high-resolution would be stored in a USB flash drive to which the couples can use any way they want. The portability of a USB flash drive makes it easier for the couples to show around the best moments of their life to anyone.


For $2000, you can enjoy the wedding videography on a professional scale. Just like the photography package, this one also has a 6-hour coverage. This is more than enough to accomplish and compile a cinematic film for the whole wedding.

In this price, you’ll also have access to a full-length coverage of the wedding that you can preserve through any digital storage you have. The freedom and of-course, the length of the whole thing are mind-blowing and more than incredible.

An online cinematic showcase would also be available for anyone who wants to view it. This doesn’t make everything easier to access but would also help the couples plant a memory that would last for a long-time.

For couples who want both of these packages, we highly suggest that you inquire for a combo package as it would lower the amount you’re going to pay by a lot. Not only that but you’ll also receive more freebies and services.

Wedding photography and videography is the key to a long-lasting memory that would be available for generations to come. Australian wedding agencies made it easier for couples to access this with a smaller budget for the wedding.

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