Make Wedding Photos Memorable Through Different Styles

When amateurs look at photographs, there’s a lot of things they miss. A good example of this is how many people miss the fact that many Sydney wedding photography services spice up the photos they take by going beyond the ordinary. Wedding photos are meant to be memorable and they are even more memorable if they have their distinctive style.

This is why when you hire a Sydney wedding photography service; you’ll want to discuss the specifics with the photographers. There are several photography styles out there and being familiar with them would greatly help you in making a choice in which one to use. Here’s a brief overview on them.


There’s nothing wrong going with the classics. You can always depend on a Sydney wedding photography service to provide you with the classic style. This is actually the default way these photos are taken. Classic wedding photos are taken in black-and-white and are the sort that you often see in your parents’ albums. The timelessness of the style elevates everything into something impressive while maintaining their ordinariness.


Sometimes, you just want to do something special. This is where artistic photographic styles come in. Some wedding photographers like using this style to go beyond the normal wedding photos of the happy couple. Imagine instead of a normal picture of the bride and groom in the church wherein they are on an open grassy field or looking out at the beach? The results are something that you’d likely frame and proudly display like a painting. Getting this done is pretty difficult since photographers need to take in account the lighting and more.


Most of the time, wedding photography involves a lot of posing and staged shots. The documentary style gets rid of all of that and focuses on the candid and unguarded moments in the event. Just like a nature film or a documentary, it’s all about being real on camera. This is great way to remember this special day, making it a lot more human and approachable instead of a fairytale ending.


If the artistic style is all about photographing moments and making them look like paintings, then the dramatic style is about staging TV scenes. Weddings are dramatic events and some photographers know how to heighten that sense of drama. Good lighting and posing are just two of the ways to do so. You’ll also want some drama in your shots. Try bolder colors and challenging poses to awaken the drama in your soul.

The right style can enhance your wedding photos. Discuss this idea well with your photographer so that you can get the best style working for you.

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