Does a Web Design Still Matters? Yes and Here’s How it Helps

People are now more discerning when it comes to the websites they visit and CEOs should keep that in mind if they want a website that draws in a steady stream of visitors. The web design in Sydney remains to be quite a competitive field because of companies that offer amazing services for willing clients. To see how effective a great website is, here are a few stats CEOs should see.


Certainly, the most important part of every website is its navigation. How a website’s navigation function can make or break it, especially when the website is mainly used for business.

Imagine yourself as a consumer. If a website’s navigation is hard to comprehend or difficult to use, needless to say, like most of the consumers, you would turn to other websites instead as waiting for it to load or figuring out how it functions would just eat so much of your time. That being said, an e-commerce site without a well-functioning web design could lose a lot. But if the website is working well, people will enjoy using it. In turn, many would come back for more resulting in more profit.

Brand Consistency

Have you noticed that most successful brands, especially in Sydney, are consistent with their logos and colors even with their eCommerce web design? Business owners do it because it is a way to strengthen their company’s branding.

Truth be told, people are likely to come back for more of a service or product when they know a brand well. Thus, having an eCommerce site with a design that matches your logo would give you a stronger branding too. In that way, consumers will easily remember and recognize you in all forms of communication.


Trust is also one of the important things in the relationship between consumers and entrepreneurs. When a consumer has enough trust with a brand, they’re also likely to come back for more service. However, it won’t happen unless you know what they value. Marketing techniques like a website design, in Sydney for instance, is one of the effective ways to know more about your consumers. Also, a website’s design could make a site more trustworthy and welcoming for users, making consumers to continuously return to your website.

The internet and marketing through it can be quite a daunting place, especially for those who are used to doing business transactions face-to-face. Even so, if you have an expert in web design in Sydney to have your back, earning more profit will be easier.

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